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The Invitation: Freedom

The golden threads that tie my work together are faith, family & freedom.

You might not thinking that coaching and courses on homeschooling, business building, and psychological freedom have that much in common. They are all about freedom.

Freedom to educate your children in a way that preserves their wholeness, genius, and happiness.
Freedom to invest your time, energy, and creativity to build something that matters to you.
Freedom from the psychological manipulation, false beliefs of materialism, and perpetual indoctrination. Free to live as the free soul that you were born to be.

Choose Freedom

Once you commit to shifting your self identity and dissolve limiting beliefs, you will have the power, wisdom, and creativity of the Creator working through you.

Start with the inner work of creativity, and your path becomes clear. Action steps flow effortlessly. Craft your life and livelihood without fear or self-doubt. Your life will be unrecognizable from the past. Focus on giving to the world rather than boosting your ego, and you stay inspired and focused.


Two years ago, I would have shared that I home educated my daughter from birth and she got a free ride to the college of her choice. That was part of my story.

I home educated my daughters so that they wouldn’t be institutionalized, dumbed down, and passive. What I have come to realize over the past 3 years is that almost EVERYTHING that is taught in school is a lie. And the curriculum available to Christian homeschoolers is not much better, because the authors were schooled too. It is time to discover Truth together.

I always felt that there was something wrong with this world. For years, I believed there was something wrong with me. I just didn’t fit into this competitive, materialistic, winner-take-all society. I did my best – getting a BA at University of Virginia, an MBA in finance at Carnegie Mellon, worked for two U.S. Senators and then two boutique strategy consulting firms.

Now I realize that the false narratives I was taught in school warped my mind and weakened my faith. I almost lost myself in the corporate world. Then I woke up and re-built my life in partnership with my Creator, know that of myself I can do nothing.

As I share in my latest book, Healing From School: Reclaim Your Creative Genius, forced government schooling was invented by men who didn’t believe in God or a higher power. They worshipped Scientism and Totalitarian Socialism. Theories like the Big Bang Theory, Entropy, Evolution, and Germ Theory teach us that our lives are random accidents in a world that is not being divinely guided by the Creator. The lessons are subtle. The results are powerful – many of us lost our connection to God during our school years, especially at university.

It is okay to feel misplaced in an inverted, upside-down world. You do not need to keep working on yourself in a quest for perfection or personal development. You already have creative genius within you. You just need to learn to tap into it in communion with God. God’s love and light powers all of creation, including your mind and imagination, once you reclaim it.

Every man and woman wants to be happy, and we’ve been trained to look in the wrong direction. I spent the first 30 years of my life in the schooling-achievement-money paradigm to realize that this is a false path. Learn more about my story and see if it resonates with you.

The Issue

Society is based on an unconscious belief: there is no God, but if there is, He has human qualities, created the world and then withdrew his power. God has left us alone to stumble around in the dark waiting for death. We are powerless meat sacks.

It is time to break free from Society’s religion of scientism and materialism that leaves us feeling alone and afraid in a cold, uncaring world.

This is not natural. It’s time to dissolve all of the limiting programming and conditioning. Welcome to a new way of being!

Slick advertising and propaganda programmed us with a story of lack and limitation. We try to escape this false fear of lack and death by consuming our way to happiness. And we destroy life on this planet in that endless, hopeless pursuit.

You might not realize how you have been programmed because most of these beliefs and programs are hidden from you beyond your conscious mind and run your daily life.

When you live as a free and powerful being,
anything is possible.

Self-Study Courses

Free Your Soul points you to the truth of what you are and how to joyfully unleash your imagination and create the life you desire.

Free Your Life shows you how you’ve been enslaved, and how to break free – psychologically, legally, financially, and creatively. (Coming Soon)

The Perfect Livelihood Incubator is a self-study course that dissolves fear and self-doubt, keeps you in action, and moves you every day closer to your goal. It is not necessary to have a complicated, lengthy plan. In fact, that will keep you distracted and not in action.

Instead of Schooling takes the wisdom from the book of the same name and guides you to home educate your children in a loving way that grows their full potential.

Start or Grow a Business

We help you start or grow your business outside of the matrix.

Forces are trying to shut down Main Street businesses. We need to build outside of the control systems. Now is the time to grow the parallel economy.

WIth over 25 years of experience growing companies, we can help you discover your purpose, test your business model, attract your perfect customers and build internal systems to make your business efficient and profitable.

What do you need help with?

  • Optimize your business model.
  • Make your business systems and processes more efficient and automated.
  • Develop and launch new products and services.

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  • Start home educating your kids or work through difficulties on this path.
  • Exit the matrix.

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