15 Things Schools Get Wrong

Schooling vs. Learning

The basic premise in my book, Instead of Schooling, is that schooling is an industrial process that was designed to break a child’s connection to God and Divine Intelligence so that they can be controlled by the state.

Men and women connect to God through supplication, intuition, their hearts and emotional compasses. You cannot connect to God through your intellect or thinking. Thinking actually blocks your direct connection to Divine Intelligence, which appears as a flash of insight accompanied by love and peace when your mind is at rest.

By making the ego and it’s intellect primary, schooling creates generation after generation of insecure, fearful men and women who can be controlled by outside authorities. We only need to look at the chaotic world to see it is being run by highly schooled people with no connection to God. 

When you understand the difference between schooling (an institutional process to create standardized, mechanical human beings who can be controlled) and learning (a natural process where a man/woman learns by playing and creating) then the whole process of schooling looks absurd. 

As our materialistic corporate society disintegrates we need men and women who are self-reliant, fearless, curious, and discerning seekers of truth who are powered by the love of God. We do not need fearful shadows of divine beings.  

15 Things that School Gets Wrong:

  1. Success in school equals success in life. False. The average GPA of millionaires in high school is ~2.9.

  2. The intellect (stored information) is more important than intelligence (wise application of information). False. Our world is being run by highly schooled individuals who have lost their connection with God and Divine Intelligence so they continue to enrich themselves by exploiting the natural world and people while defying natural law and God.

  3.  The brain is a muscle that needs to be exercised. False. our brain/intellect is like a computer. Information in = information out. It is a closed system like a desktop computer that is not connected to the Internet. You can easily program young minds by filling their brains with false information and beliefs.

  4.  Intelligence is innate. False. An intelligent energy powers all life. It beats your heart, breathes your lungs, and guides you every moment if you are able to stay connected to this loving intelligent energy that I believe is God. This is why eureka moments come to you when you are relaxed and open (in the shower, driving to work, walking the dog).

  5.  It’s okay to coerce kids to do work that they are not interested in using fear and shame. False. This creates emotional programs that run kids as they grow into adults. These fear and shame programs block their connection to God, Divine Intelligence, and Creativity and make them controllable.

  6.  Children need to be controlled and civilized or they will turn into terrible beasts. False. The majority of men and women are naturally cooperative and altruistic until they are programmed to compare, compete, and look out for #1.

  7.  Children are like machines that can endlessly process and regurgitate information. False. By filling brains with random, disconnected information you become so busy thinking that you are not available to Divine Intelligence and the whispers of God.

  8.  Repetition and rote memorization are the best ways to get a child to learn something. False. This technique was brought into U.S. schools from schools in India where repetition and rote memorization was used to make children in the lower castes as dim witted as possible.

  9.  There is a static set of information and skills that children need to master at different ages. False. Knowledge is constantly expanding and being replaced by new theories and information. It is far more important to be able to think critically and skeptically so that you can discern truth.

  10.  Children need to learn to read at a young age otherwise they will be “left behind”. False. Children learn to read at their own pace when they are interested and ready. The current phonics curriculum has been shown since the 1950s to impede reading and create illiteracy.

  11.  It’s okay to lock children in a building with only boys and girls their own age and force them to sit still and stay indoors. False. Children need to move their bodies and greatly benefit from long periods of unstructured time in nature where they can strengthen their connection with God and Divine Intelligence.

  12.  It doesn’t matter if kids don’t like school or are extremely stressed in the high-stakes testing environment. False. Today’s kids and teenagers suffer from higher levels of depression, anxiety, and suicide than youth during the Depression of 1929-38.

  13.  You need to go to college to succeed in life. False. Most colleges and universities have become indoctrination camps. Most young people who enter college with a belief in God exit as atheists.

  14.  Parents are not capable of educating their own children. False. Parents are their children’s first teachers. Children are naturally designed to be curious, explore, and learn about their world and where they fit. Parents need to carefully observe their children and curate resources and experiences around their kids’ passions, interests and talents.

  15. School pretends to be good for kids. False. It is not. But it is free child care for busy overwhelmed parents enslaved by the corporate economy.

An Amazing Opportunity

As parents around the world are waking up and taking responsibility for educating their children, I urge you not to reproduce schooling at home. Instead, love your kids and instill in them a love of learning without fear, shame or artificial curriculum and grades. 

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