Trust the Children

Trust the children

There were some key points that I didn’t have time to make in my interview on the SGT Report, and I want to share them here. Just in case you follow me because of my work helping entrepreneurs grow their companies and adults to free themselves pyschologically so that they thrive, my other passion is …

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Soul Matters in Education

Soul Matters in Education focuses on the importance of the inner life of children in both parenting and education. Caprice had the honor of reading the pre-publication manuscript of her good friend, Ellen Hall, to discuss her new book, Soul Matters in Education. Ellen is a master teacher and former Principal of Oak Grove School, …

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Natural Law and Your Rights

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Natural law is being violated every day by the institutions and bureaucrats that have claimed control over society. To free your Self, you must understand natural law and how it applies to you and your life. Master, which is the great commandment in the law? Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy …

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The Purpose of Education

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the following is an excerpt from the course Instead of Schooling “The goal of real education is to bring us to a place where we take full responsibility for our own lives.” – John Taylor Gatto Why do We Educate the Young? This is a worthy debate to have. Why do we educate our young? …

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Realize Your True Self

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Free Your Self From Society You cannot have freedom in this society. It is too upside down. It is an inversion of truth. You experience freedom when you free your Self FROM SOCIETY. You will be free when you free yourself from outside authorities (who are all fictional) and from the inner authorities of false …

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