Boost Low Self Esteem and Self Worth

You Can’t Boost Low Self Esteem by Chasing Success

You cannot boost low self esteem by chasing success. This nugget of wisdom came to me in my meditation this morning.

Society has trained us to seek material success to boost low self esteem and self worth.

This is the wrong path. This is a losing game. This is why 75% of female executives experience impostor syndrome at some point in their career.

If you are attaching your well-being to your success in the world, you are playing a losing game. Why? The stakes are too high. You have literally put your life on the line.

We have been trained to think that once we achieve something (successful business, more customers, lots of money, lose weight, find a soulmate) THEN we can give ourselves permission to love ourselves, approve of ourselves, believe that we are okay.

This belief in insecurity, lack, and impostor syndrome are the lies. The problem is that we have all been conditioned by society to hinge our self-worth on our achievements. We got the gold star, good grade, teacher approval, honor role, etc. by following the rules and doing as we were told. We are now addicted to outside approval.

When you can free yourself from this vicious cycle of striving and seeking approval, you are truly free to create the business or career of your dreams.

Stop seeking approval and know your self worth

What is the alternative? You must 100% realize that you are worthy right now, just as you are. There is nothing that you need to do to be more worthy. In fact, you cannot be any more worthy than you are right now. 

You don’t need anyone else’s approval to be okay. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of you as long as your are living, breathing, and speaking your Truth. (Truth with a capital T folks.) I’m talking about spiritual Truth. The truth that you recognize instantly.

Rather than viewing your business or career as something that you need to do to survive (pay the bills, get approval, feel good about yourself), start viewing it as a vehicle for you to share your unique gifts and creative genius with the world.

When you have a strong desire to build your business or take your career to the next level, you also have the power and capacity to do so. All power and well-being comes from you.

One of the main things that I work with my coaching clients on is to help them realize that unhealthy beliefs and shadow energy is blocking their success. I help them to destroy these lies by actually speaking out loud to them (forcefully with authority) to vaporize them.

Vaporize your shadow beliefs to boost low self esteem

I know this is going to sound a bit wacky or woo-woo, but here goes. I have been a seeker of Truth for a long time. I have tried meditation, affirmations, visualization and none of them made a dent in my underlying insecurity. The only thing that has obliterated my insecurity are Truth rants. 

I studied the archetypes that form the basis of our energetic patterns in life. Without going into too much detail, there are four survival archetypes and four power archetypes. You can only be operating from survival consciousness or thriving consciousness at any moment. It’s kind of like a switch that you can throw. Most of us dwell in the shadows of survival consciousness because that is how we have been trained since birth. 

To throw the switch and obliterate insecurity, impostor syndrome, and self-doubt you need to dissolve false beliefs by canceling them out with Truth. You do this out loud from a stance of complete authority. When you do this correctly, you will feel the power of Truth in every cell of your body. Your body will vibrate with energy.

Truth rants have worked magic in my life and the lives of my coaching clients and my teenage daughters. 

Here are some powerful truth rants that you can make more precise for your particular situation. (The more precise the more powerful they will be):

I am the source of my power and well being.

I will not moderate my self-expression for anyone.

I value my self and my vision. I will make it happen. No what.

I do not need anyone’s approval. My power comes from me.

I value my opinions, ideas, and self-expression.

Once you obliterate shadow lies, you magnetize the success that you desire. Without these lies installed into your psyche, you have no insecurity. You just do what is in front of you to do as you build your business or career. 

But do not chase success to prop up an insecure self. That will be an endless quest that will result in burn-out and resentment.

Are you Building your Business or Career for the Right Reasons?

If you wake up in the morning and feel a sense of heaviness and struggle about your business or work, then you are either dwelling in shadow energy or you need to adjust your vision for your business and life.

If you jump out of bed with a sense of lightness and playfulness, full of energy, then you are on the right track with clean energy.

The world needs your creative genius now more than ever. Unleash it and you will thrive and prosper.

Want support in crafting personalized Truth rants or uncovering toxic belief systems? Apply for a free consultation.

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