Main Street businesses under attack

Forces are trying to shut down Main Street businesses.
We need to build outside of the control systems.
Now is the time to grow the parallel economy.

We grow companies outside of the matrix.
What do you need help with?

5 Essential Elements for Growth

1. Your Purpose – simple and compelling

You can overcome any obstacle or frustruation when you are clear about WHY you want to create something. If you aren’t clear, schedule a private chat with Caprice or register for The Perfect Livelihood Incubator.

  • Declare Your Purpose. A compelling purpose will attract loyal customers and engaged team members.
  • Tell Your Story. People will buy your stuff if they understand why you are selling it. You need to tell your story.

2. A Profitable Business Model

Cash is the oxygen of a company, not it’s purpose. Is your business model viable? Will men and women pay what you need for your product or service?

  • Charge less than the value you provide.
  • Discover a sustainable business model. Adapt lean startup and customer development approaches – pivot until you figure out how to solve a pressing problem for hungry customers who will pay for your solution.
  • Craft a strategic marketing plan. Create a blueprint for how you will create happy customers who will joyfully pay for your product or service.

3. Business & Marketing Systems that Free You to Grow

When you first start a business, you might use simple paper and pencil or spreadsheet systems to track your activities, customers, etc. As you become more successful, these simple systems begin to break down. Below are examples of business systems and tools that we have set up for clients.

Here are the systems you need in place to grow your business:

  • Project Managment System I really like Asana! It is simple, visual and intuitive. I have set up project management systems in Asana for many companies and it has made a huge difference in how their companies run. It allows a CEO/founder to delegate work and stay in touch with what your people are doing.
  • Asset Databases
  • Marketing Systems This includes social media marketing schedules, email marketing campaigns, webinars, events, and any replicable way of engaging with prospective and current customers. \
  • Employee Review Systems

4. A Healthy Culture & Engaged Team Members

You don’t need to build your business alone. It is much more fun with a team. Once people get competitive pay and benefits, what else to they need? If a company is mission-driven, with a clear purpose, then the elements below are critical:

  • Healthy culture of trust, innovation and creativity. Treat adults like adults and empower them to do their work, trust that they will do their best, and allow them to be a whole human being, not just a corporate “role”.  Emotions, intuition, imagination are keys to innovation. Don’t treat people like machines.
  • Clear roles and responsibilities. People know what they are supposed to do and are not micro-managed. Nobody likes to be managed! Most performance evaluations are subjective and insulting. Ditch them for open communication and accountability for results.
  • Flexible work arrangements. Allowing people to work remotely is a no-brainer in the 21st Century. The technology is available and the environment demands it. See my Distributed Organization Blueprint to discover what your company needs to go remote.

5. Inspired Leadership – inspire and coach your team

  • Soul inspired leadership. Work is an opportunity for people to grow their souls.
  • Visible, accessible and self-aware leadership. Show up. Model your values. Live your purpose.
  • Leadership as service. Leadership is service not status or power.

What CEOs and Entrepreneurs say…

Caprice is a delight to work with and is continually positive, proactive, and delivers high-quality results on time and in the stated budget. Her leadership style is collaborative and inclusive, bringing out the best in all team members. She challenges and supports team members to continually learn, grow, and exceed their own personal expectations.

~ Amber Papao, Exec Director, SelfDesign

Caprice has been a tremendous asset to our growing organization. While it may sound cliché, we refer to her as our “Swiss army knife.” In a short amount of time, she has already contributed at a high level to many areas of our business including strategy development, market research, operations, and social media. Anyone looking for guidance or help expanding their business would benefit from a conversation with Caprice.

~ Brian Moss, Founder & CEO, Efficient CME

Caprice handled extremely sensitive concerns with discretion and good judgment. Her ability to frame and quantify complex issues helped us to put together a plan that was both simple and actionable. She did a tremendous amount of work in a short period of time. She helped me to realize the importance of people and the “softer” issues of running a business. I recommend Caprice’s work to other companies without hesitation.

~ Tim Furey, Founder & CEO Market-Bridge

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