Start or Grow Your Own Venture

  • Work with total freedom and joy
  • Align your work with your personal values
  • Access divine wisdom and guidance
  • Be an unstoppable force of good
  • Keep 100% of your compensation

Today’s uncertain times call for the reinvention of work

Step 1: Know What You Are

Millenia of social conditioning has convinced us that we are powerless, weak, separate beings who must rely on institutions and society to take care of us. The truth will set you free. You are connected to infinite, divine intelligence. You are a being of light and love. Creativity is your natural state. You were not made to just passively follow orders and consume. Read more.

Step 2: Complete The Perfect Business Plan

Often one of the most difficult steps to starting a business or leaving your current job is just getting started. 

The perfect business plan will keep you in action toward your goal and allow you to change course when necessary to make sure you reach your goal. It is not necessary to have a complicated, lengthy plan. In fact, that will keep you distracted and not in action. So, let’s get started. And remember, please don’t get too serious. Seriousness is the enemy of creativity. Let your creative impulses guide you and keep your heart open so that you are connected to your intuition.

Steps 1-5 are planning steps. Steps 6-10 are action steps. This is an iterative process and you will revisit every step as you move forward. Make your Perfect Business Plan a living, evolving process.

Using The Perfect Business Plan, you will take baby steps to create your sacred work in the private so that you cannot fail and you will have fun in the process. It starts with the inner work to align yourself with your goals and then getting into the flow of life and letting it happen. Do your best. Let God do the rest. 


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Step 3: Work the Plan

It is a social myth that a brilliant entrepreneur strikes gold on the first try. The united states of america (not the corporation that is running things today) was built by men and women who created small businesses as sacred work, inspired by God. The big tech companies that are building the control grid were launched and funded by some dark money and intelligence forces. It’s time for us to build outside of the matrix. 

Do not let self-doubt plague you. You have the power of divine wisdom and knowing flowing through you. This is not a feat of the intellect – it’s a project of the heart. 

Schedule a call if you get stuck or trapped in self-limiting beliefs.  

What Others are Saying

Thank you for your excellent work in helping us to realign MarketBridge to meet our growth objectives. We achieved an annual growth rate of 38% since you completed the State of the Firm and Visioning Work.
TIm Furey
Your flexibility, patience, and persistence helped us create a program that fits both the functional needs of The Newfield Network and the mood and philosophy of our unique organization. Your new eyes helped us to see opportunities and frame business challenges in an innovative way. You have the unique ability to understand both the strategic, financial side of business and the human side of business.
Terrie Lupberger
Thank you for facilitating Integrated Change Strategies’ strategic planning retreat. Since most of the participants in ICS are trained facilitators, we are not an easy group to lead or facilitate. You managed the group and the task incredibly well. I am extremely pleased with the outcome of your work and will recommend you to other companies looking for group coaching and facilitation.
Eda Crosby