Self Realization

The biggest problem facing humanity is that human beings have a collective case of mis-identification. We believe that we are small, finite, physical hunks of matter that need to be secured. The truth is that we are infinite, impersonal, aware beingness that is borrowing unique bodyminds to experience creation and to create.

Powerful Words for 2024


I love this poem! Goals for 2024 my friends. If I could live this way, I would definitely experience joy, peace, and contentment this year. My word for the year is JOY and I have set the intention to live joyfully. I wish the same enjoyment of life for you. Note: Rudyard Kipling wrote this

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Our Shared Nightmare

Our Shared Nightmare

Let’s awaken from our shared nightmare and dream a better reality into existence. Most of my beliefs were implanted into my young self by unconscious parenting, government schooling and constant propaganda. They are not my beliefs. And they were buried in my unconscious until I became aware of them. You cannot change a belief you

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Expectations are Powerful

Expectations are Powerful

Expect the Best. Prepare for the Worst. Expectations are powerful. They form your future. Too many people are expecting the worst. I used to be in that group. The news is dark and often shocking. And it is extremely difficult to determine what is true versus just political theater. It’s challenging to imagine how this

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The Power of Positive Thoughts

the power of positive thoughts

You might not realize the power of positive thoughts in your life. Here’s how to dissolve negative thoughts (lies and energy vampires) instantly… We all experience negative thinking. If you learn how to dissolve them, you will be happy and relaxed. It’s up to you. You have the power to dissolve negative thoughts. Instantly.  Realize

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Loneliness is a Lie

Loneliness is a Lie

If I had to point to one area in which I suffered mightily since childhood, it would be feeling a sense of loneliness. Sometimes it was sharp and deep, other times dull and in the background of my experience. Now I know that loneliness is a lie. Since today is Valentine’s Day and also my

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