Self Realization

The biggest problem facing humanity is that human beings have a collective case of mis-identification. We believe that we are small, finite, physical hunks of matter that need to be secured. The truth is that we are infinite, impersonal, aware beingness that is borrowing unique bodyminds to experience creation and to create.

Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

Happy Winter Solstice! Here is some food for thought as we wrap up 2020 and celebrate the shortest day of the year. This year, we can look to the southwestern horizon just before sunset to see what looks like a double star, some are calling the “Christmas Star”. Jupiter and Saturn are closer together than …

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The Key to Wellness

If you are suffering psychologically, this video points you in the direction of your natural wellness, peace, and joy. Enjoy! For support on your journey, request a free coaching consultation with Caprice. 

The Joy of Being Alive

Joy of Belig Alive

A Time for Cultural Disobedience Our culture is pathological because it is based on a fundamental lie. The BIG LIE is that you are a separate being that needs to struggle and compete for scarce resources. This LIE of materialism and separation has led to the chaos, turmoil, and conflict that has driven human civilization …

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Finding Inner Happiness

The key to finding your inner happiness is to discover how your mind really works. We tend to feel anxiety, fear, anger, upset, and depression when the world is not meeting our expectations. Then we blame ourselves or other people. Finding inner happiness happens effortlessly when you create a new relationship with your thinking. The …

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