Wisdom Action Councils

It’s Time to Build the New!

During a time when there is a lot of information and discussion, we need more action on the ground in our communities to build the world that we want to live in. Below you will see what Wisdom Action Councils stand for. It’s time to stand up. There is no room for concessions or negotiations with tyranny. We are a society of altruists being controlled by psychopaths. It’s time to take a stand. Stand up for truth, love, and oneness.

The most fearless grounding is needed to be an individual. “It does not matter that the whole world is against me. What matters is that my experience is valid.”

Osho, Courage: The Joy of Living Dangerously

Join or Form a Wisdom Action Council in your community.

Do you look at the inverted, upside-down world and waiver between determination and despair? Join us as we collectively unleash the power of intention, focused attention, and love to re-imagine a world that we want for ourselves and our children. Weekly intention circles and right action are our engines of transformation.

Our Individual and Collective Non-Consent:

Psychological Manipulation:

  • False Narratives and Media Propaganda/Manipulation
  • Compulsory Schooling/Indoctrination
  • Political divide and conquer techniques

Poisoning our Beloved Earth and all its Inhabitants:

Violating Spiritual Laws:

  • Vaccine Passports, Lifelong Learning Passports, and Blockchain Coercion
  • Transhumanism
  • the private Federal Reserve bank
  • Usury

The New World We are Building is Based on:

A New Narrative Based on Truth & Love

  • Open and Free Dialog and Debate around Truth
  • Natural Learning

Protecting our Beloved Earth and all its Inhabitants

  • Real Food
  • Clean Water, Soil, & Air
  • Technology that works with all Life: Analog Humans, Animals, Insects, and Plants

Freedom and Rights based upon Spiritual Laws

  • Biological Humans
  • Local Governance and Common Law
  • Local community banks
  • Local small businesses

Ready to Join Us? Reach out and let us know what area(s) you are passionate about building.