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Social programming, the collective consciousness, and the cultural mind have become your inner prison.

Psychological, creative, legal, and financial freedom is waiting for you.

Claim your birthright.

If you are feeling like a victim of a fixed, external reality, this course is for you. If you are fearful of a dark, dystopian future, this is for you.

We are intelligent, loving, and creative beings who CREATE REALITY.

There are a few psychopathic puppet masters controlling politicians, scientists, and bureaucrats who have lost their way and worship their own egos above God. They will not win this spiritual war. They are weak and pathetic egos hiding behind their technology.

Post-modern society has programmed us to fear death and worship money. It is time to break free from this man-made inner prison and claim our divine inheritance: Peace, Love, Truth, and Beauty – our natural state of being which is complete freedom.