How You Were Programmed: The 5 False Beliefs

To free your soul, you need to see how it was programmed in the first place.

Spiritually contented people are dangerous for a variety of reasons. They don’t make reliable servants because they won’t jump at every command. They test what is requested against a code of moral principle. Those who are spiritually secure can’t easily be driven to sacrifice family relations. Corporate and financial capitalism are hardly possible on any massive scale once a population finds its spiritual center.

– John Taylor Gatto

Millenia of Programming

Below are the 5 beliefs that have been programmed into you to make you easy to control and coerce. Is this on purpose? Perhaps. I get into that a lot more in the Free Your Life course.

Statements from the World Economic Forum show that the powers that ought not be operate from the false beliefs that there is no God, life is an accident, and humans don’t have free will. Yuval Noah Hurari, author of Sapiens and advisor to the WEF has said, “Humans are now hackable animals. You know the whole idea that humans have this soul or spirit and they have free will. So, whatever I choose whether in the election, or whether in the supermarket, this is my free will. That’s over – free will.” 

Scary! And so untrue! As you will see, there isn’t really free will, because that would imply a separate character who is the “doer”. Life arises spontaneously through you and then you rationalize your actions through thinking. But, I’m jumping ahead of myself…

False Belief #1: Life is an Accident

There is no Creator. However, if there is a God, He created the world and then stepped aside. Evolution and the Big Bang are real. Life is random. Scientism is the new religion – man can overcome and control nature.

Resulting belief: You are alone in a cold, uncaring world. The world is dangerous and unfriendly – nature must be controlled.

Reality: Mathematics and science have proven that life could not have arisen by accident and is not random.

False Belief #2: You are an Accident

Since life is an accident, all men and women are accidents too. Life has no inherent meaning or purpose. So consume and entertain your self to avoid the resulting emptiness that this belief creates.

Resulting Belief: You believe you are an unimportant accident and that your life is meaningless and has no purpose.

Reality: You are miracle. Your existence is so mathematically improbable, that you are indeed a miracle.

False Belief #3 : You are a Meat Sack without a Soul

Scientism has convinced you that you are just a separate physical person, a meat sack carrying around a brain. Your consciousness/awareness comes from your brain. All of our language points to a world of separation: me, mine, you, yours, etc.

Resulting belief: When your body dies, you die. There is no hope. Result = fear of death and program of limitation and lack. We spend most of our time avoiding fear and pain.

Reality: You are infinite intelligence, the Creator of the isness and allness experiencing life through your character and body-vehicle.

False Belief #4: You Are Powerless

If you are trained to believe that there is a fixed, physical, external reality that you cannot affect, then you will feel powerless. You will relinquish your power to external authorities in the hope that they will take care of you. You have been trained to passively submit to authority and seek salvation from outside authorities and the government. This was done successfully in the indoctrination camps called school.

Resulting Belief: You are powerless. The mainstream narrative is true. Allow yourself to be fearful with multiple false flags (terrorists, gun violence, viruses, etc.) that leave you begging for the government to protect you in exchange for your freedom and liberties.

Reality: The truth is that you are powerful beyond belief. Power is unleashed when the false identification with a limited, small egoic self dissolves.

False Belief #5: Happiness is an Outer Quest

Accolades, stuff, and relationships will bring you happiness. This sets you on an endless quest to secure your fictional person through acquisition, achievement, and accumulation. If this quest is not fulfilling, then society invents the DSM (diagnostic and statistical manual of mental health disorders), its hundreds of fictional mental disorders, and medicates the population into submission. Society also offers entertainment to entrain and anesthetize lost souls.

Resulting Belief: Happiness can be secured in the future with the right mix of experiences, relationships, and acquisitions. Seeking happiness on behalf of a fictional, illusory person occupies 99.9% of our daily activity.

Reality: Joy is your natural state of being that is revealed when seeking ceases.

Welcome to the New Reality

To break free from programming and transform your view of reality, all you need to do is let go of false beliefs and the seeking to be other than you are right now in the eternal moment. You do not need to replace them with new beliefs. In fact, I caution you: don’t do this. All beliefs limit your unlimited, unconditioned, eternal, infinite Self. Rest in the awareness of what you are and all beliefs are seen for the lie that they are.