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Looking beyond the school building and the adults working within, Instead of Schooling takes a hard look at the process of schooling and how it was modeled after schools in the Soviet Union and India to indoctrinate young people and keep them enslaved at the bottom rung of society.  

Whether you want your kids to be happier, less stressed, more resilient, creative, experience deeper learning, or get useful life skills, Instead of Schooling is the guidebook.

This inspiring and practical course shows you: 

  • Why schooling was designed to break your connection with God, control the inner life of children and make them obedient workers. It was never designed for learning, self-discovery or creativity.
  • How your mind and brain work so that you and your kids can access creativity, resilience, and peace of mind.
  • How to design the days and weeks so that your kids love learning and you ditch the homework battles.
  • How crafting your own educational path will set your child up for more success and happiness than conventional schooling.
  • How to choose the right approach, environment, and resources from a carefully curated selection of education alternatives (online and in-person), resources, and curriculum.

The dirty underside of our system is that schools as we know them today are structurally designed to fail a reliable percentage of kids.  Interestingly, they reliably fail a much higher percentage of kids in low-income areas than they do in affluent areas, and this is true from Detroit to Gilgit-Baltistan.  

– Carol Black

Caprice being interviewed about the book Instead of Schooling

Interested to know why Caprice wrote the book and created this course? Listen to this podcast episode.