The war for our minds is intensifying.

Our innate intelligence and infinite creative power have been intentionally concealed from us. It’s time to reclaim our genius.

Your mind is a powerful creator of reality. This is why we are dumbed down in school and our wisdom, imagination and creativity denied. Within us is the power to change our circumstances. We are not meant to discover this secret.

Deliberate programming has convinced us that we are powerless, accidental physical beings in a meaningless material world. Healing from School reveals the false beliefs and unnatural behaviors that were instilled into us at a young age, before we were able to protect our minds.

Schools are powerful weapons in today’s manufactured control system. The architects of schooling view men and women as soulless animals that can be molded into obedient debt slaves. The controllers try to play God and produce people who reflexively obey the commands of ‘authorities’.

Healing from School invites you to release the burden of false beliefs that block your happiness. Claim your creative genius. Heal your soul. Follow the loving whispers of your spirit to create the life and community you desire.

As we reclaim our boundless creative potential, we are called to safeguard the genius and creativity of young people everywhere. Healing from School is a powerful guide to raising our sons and daughters without the biased curriculum and coercion of schooling.

Why I wrote Healing from School

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Reclaim your Creative Genius

Caprice hated school. Even though schooling came easy to her, school felt like prison. She has dedicated the past 20+ years to creating learning spaces and programs that honor the creativity, resilience, and wisdom of young people. Caprice has been honored to home educate her two daughters. Her oldest got a free ride to the college of her choice but decided it was a waste of time and is building her own busienss. Caprice has an MBA in finance from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA from the University of Virginia, but don’t hold that against her. She has deschooled herself.

This inspiring and practical book shows you: 

  • Why schooling was designed to make people reflexively obey “authorities” even when their orders are absurd.
  • How the outside world is just a reflection of you inner conception of your self.
  • How to reclaim your creative genius and design the life and community you desire.
  • How to protect the soul and imagination of your son or daughter so that they live a limitless life of happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment.
  • What natural learning looks like at every age and stage.

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