When you live as a free and powerful being,
anything is possible.

Self-Study Courses

Free Your Soul points you to the truth of what you are and how to joyfully unleash your imagination and create the life you desire.

Free Your Life shows you how you’ve been enslaved, and how to break free – psychologically, legally, financially, and creatively. (Coming Soon)

The Perfect Livelihood Incubator is a self-study course that dissolves fear and self-doubt, keeps you in action, and moves you every day closer to your goal. It is not necessary to have a complicated, lengthy plan. In fact, that will keep you distracted and not in action.

Instead of Schooling takes the wisdom from the book of the same name and guides you to home educate your children in a loving way that grows their full potential.

Start or Grow a Business

We help you start or grow your business outside of the matrix.

Forces are trying to shut down Main Street businesses. We need to build outside of the control systems. Now is the time to grow the parallel economy.

WIth over 25 years of experience growing companies, we can help you discover your purpose, test your business model, attract your perfect customers and build internal systems to make your business efficient and profitable.

What do you need help with?

  • Optimize your business model.
  • Make your business systems and processes more efficient and automated.
  • Develop and launch new products and services.

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1:1 Private Chats

Schedule a 60 minute conversation with Caprice. This is ideal if you are feeling stuck or uncertain about a next step.

Private chats can help you:

  • Relax and enjoy life without demanding that the outside world change.
  • Discover your perfect livelihood and create a joyful action plan.
  • Start home educating your kids or work through difficulties on this path.
  • Exit the matrix.

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The Invitation

Post-modern society has programmed us to fear death and conditioned us to worship money. This is not natural. It’s time to dissolve all of the limiting programming and conditioning. Welcome to a new way of being!

Society is based on an unconscious belief: there is no God, but if there is, He created the world and then withdrew his power. God has left us alone to stumble around in the dark waiting for death. We are powerless meat sacks.

Slick advertising and propaganda programmed us with a story of lack and limitation. We try to escape this false fear of lack and death by consuming our way to happiness. And we destroy life on this planet in that endless, hopeless pursuit.

We are at a crossroads for humanity. Do we follow the path of unconditional love or fear?

Just Get Started

Once you commit to shifting your self identity and dissolve limiting beliefs, you will have the power, wisdom, and creativity of the Creator working through you. Start with the inner work of creativity, and your path becomes clear. Action steps flow effortlessly. Craft your life and livelihood without fear or self-doubt. Your life will be unrecognizable from the past. Focus on giving to the world rather than boosting your ego, and you stay inspired and focused.

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