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How to Break Free from the Matrix

I was talking to a friend a few days ago and we agreed that the current medical, psychological, political, monetary, and school systems are deeply corrupted and built on values that are out of alignment with our own personal values. She asked me, “Caprice, how do I get out of these systems?” I started sharing with her what I am doing, and thought it might be helpful to share here. Also, please comment and share your solutions. I will never give up on the goodness and ingenuity of mankind. God wins. We are the instruments of God in this present moment.

The fundamental basis of reducing our dependency comes from building alternatives based on divine love and simply saying no to the corrupt systems.


There is a large and growing health freedom movement, so I start with this. We need decentralized health assurance systems that are not based purely on profits.

My father was a Gastronenterologist and my mother was a RN, so I was raised within the Western allopathic medical framework. And I am excited to see so many robust alternatives emerging. To create a health assurance system that is based on love, not profits, we must question everything that we “know” about the human body, dis-ease, and healing.

  1. Educate yourself about terrain theory. Louis Pasteur, on his deathbed, declared his germ theory to be false. Yet our entire medical society is based on fighting germs. A documentary is being released in February 2022.
  2. Educate yourself about vaccines. Is this sound science? I started questioning this when I saw them giving the Hepatitis B vaccine to newborns because “they might not agree to take it when they are teenagers”. Stop labeling people anti-vaxxers when they are asking good questions. I love this interview with Pediatrician Larry Palevsky.
  3. Check out the Wim Hof Method. They offer lots of free resources and an excellent app with breathing exercises. Through deep breathing and cold therapy you can hack your immune system. My personal testimonial: after 2 weeks, I am energized and feel more alive, sleep more soundly, and don’t get nearly as sore after weight training and working out.
  4. Eat whole foods and grow as much of your own food as possible. Our food supply chain is corrupt. It is loaded with petrochemicals, glysophate, food dyes, natural flavorings (which might include aborted fetuses). Scientists are scrambling to grow food that contain vaccines and nanotechnology. Just say no. Check out the Kratky method for growing leafy greens and herbs.
  5. If you can’t grow it yourself, support a local farmer.


Educate yourself to understand that the plandemic was a monetary event. When you understand that the end goal is total control via vaccine passports attached to digital wallets so that our every purchase can be controlled, things make sense. Let’s stop funding our own prisons.

Here are some steps to free yourself from enslavement to the monetary system (and note that I am not a financial advisor and cannot give financial or investment advice):

  1. Pay for everything that you can with cash. If you can’t pay cash, send a check or set up an ACH.
  2. Bank with a state chartered bank, not a bank that is part of the illegal Federal Reserve system. The only thing federal about the Fed is its name. It is a private bank owned by large wall street banks, all controlled by the globalists.
  3. Start your own venture and make sure that you are retaining 100% of the fruits of your own labors by operating in the private. I am starting a creation incubator and accelerator to guide men and women to do this. Again, The Sovereign’s Way can guide you to understand the importance of working in the private.
  4. Do not invest in any company that is part of the global health passport agenda. Find a list of companies to boycott at the end of this excellent series by Corey Lynn.
  5. Check out a self-directed IRA for your retirement funds. I am setting up a self-directed IRA so that I can invest in precious metals, real estate, private businesses, etc. I am not an investment advisor, so do not take this as financial advice. Just know this is an option. I would love to see men and women investing in small farms and main street businesses in their local community. Here is the company I am using.
  6. Educate yourself about the IRS and your taxation options. The IRS is not legal and taxes are voluntary, but getting out of this system is a slippery slope. We need to figure this out together. The Solari Report has an overview on possible actions on taxation.


There is no political solution. We have a one party system in the United States. Both the Republicans and the Democrats have been infiltrated and corrupted by large corporations, primarily big pharma. All the news outlets have become propaganda machines. As the COVID narrative breaks down, they are crafting a new narrative. Truth is not coming out. The game is just shifting. They are choosing who can speak out against the COVID narrative in the hopes we will put our trust in this new cadre of puppet-actors.

This is a time to ask yourself why we need government. What is the purpose of government? The founders of the United States of America believed that they could write a constitution that would protect men and women from government. They were wrong. John Jay sold America out to the Crown of England immediately after the American Revolution and we have been servicing debt ever since.

Government has no authority over men and women who understand that the only authority is the Creator and all rights are our birthright. We do not enslave ourselves to government and then beg for benefits and privileges.

There is also no legal solution within the legal system. To create a loving, cooperative society we must do it based on law not legal society. I highly recommend taking The Sovereign’s Way to understand this and learn how to live by the law of humanity.


Okay, my friends, this is my wheelhouse, because in addition to my work as a business strategy consultant and a coach, I invested 15 years developing alternatives to school. I also understand that it is not as simple as saying, “just homeschool” because you have been programmed to believe that schooling is necessary and beneficial. You have also been led to believe that it takes professionals to teach your kids and that you don’t have what it takes.

I wrote a whole book on this called Instead of Schooling and share some of my favorite resources on my website.

In a nutshell: Children are designed to learn, they don’t need to be forced to learn. Each individual is wired differently for learning. Play is super important when they are young. Academics are dull, boring, and often irrelevant. Most of the curriculum and teaching techniques that homeschoolers adapt for home education is designed to impede learning so don’t reproduce anything from school. And finally, trust your kids. Trust yourself.


More than anything, this is where we can reclaim our power and unleash the most powerful force in the universe: love. I am a Christian who struggled to move past an intellectual understanding of God and Jesus. The non-dual direct path and letting go techniques aided me greatly to have a felt presence of God in my life.

If you think the COVID narrative was a PSYOP, wait until you realize the biggest PSYOP that has ever been perpetuated on mankind. You have been programmed to believe that you are a physical body and that consciousness comes from your brain. You have been told that enlightenment is a hard journey that takes decades and is only reserved for special gurus. Awakening to your true self is as simple as realizing that you are the space in which all experience arises.

Suffering comes from the mis-identification as a body, a separate ego. Yet this concept of a personal self is just that: a concept. Inquiry into the nature of your being reveals that the person you think you are is just a collection of thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and beliefs. The most powerful question is “What am I?” and “To what are these thoughts appearing?”

Desire creates all thinking. We desire something because we believe it will make us happy. All marketing, advertising, and news are designed to stoke our desires: for love, acceptance, security, safety, approval, etc. We spend 100% of our efforts in a quest for happiness.

All thinking comes from desire. All thinking is focused on either the past or the future. We desire the past to be different and the future to be better. If you take a moment to become completely present to the now, all thinking ceases.

If we rested in our true self: the impersonal, infinite, awake awareness that we truly are, all desire and seeking would cease and we would create from this space of peace and happiness.

Below are my favorite guides on this realization of our true nature, which is peace and happiness. If you are struggling in this area, reach out and set up a coaching conversation with me. 

Rupert Spira

John Wheeler

Dr. David Hawkins

Lester Levinson

with love and gratitude!

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