The Perfect Livelihood Incubator guides you step by step
to craft your right livelihood and be free.

Have fun. You cannot fail.

You are Being Called

What is different about The Perfect Livelihood Incubator is that you are creating your livelihood as the luminous, all-knowing, loving being that you are. You have relaxed your ego so that there is no struggle, fear, scarcity, or worry. Your strategic intuition will tell you what to do in every moment.

All ideas come from your aware beingness, not from your thinking. When you think, you access the computer-like brain that stores old information and is incapable of fresh ideas.

Wisdom is found in the space between thoughts and there are many invitations to relax thinking and relax the ego so that wisdom and knowing are unveiled.

The Materialist’s Way of Business Planning:

  • Ego-driven – build a business to earn money, success, status, approval
  • Left-brained: Use only the limited faculty of intellect to design and build a business
  • Competitive – who are your competitors and how do you beat them?
  • Success measured solely by profit
  • The entrepreneur’s well being, health, and fulfillment not important

Life’s Way of Crafting a Livelihood:

  • Spirit-guided – build a business as the eyes, ears, heart, hands, and feet of a loving Creator who is shepherding Creation in every eternal moment
  • Inspired and Intuitive: you allow life to live through you and guide you as you assume a loving, generous universe that supports your impersonal desires
  • Cooperative – life and nature are cooperative, and you are an indivisible part of life and nature
  • Success is not measured as a thing, it is reflected in your effortless joy
  • Your innate happiness and peace is your inner GPS as you craft your livelihood

It is not necessary to have a complicated, lengthy plan. In fact, that will keep you distracted and not in action. So, let’s get started. And remember, please don’t get too serious. Seriousness is the enemy of creativity. Let your creative impulses guide you and keep your heart open so that you are connected to your intuition.

Getting Started with The Perfect Livelihood Incubator

The Perfect Livelihood Incubator will keep you in action toward your perfect livelihood and allow you to change course when necessary to make sure you have the impact you desire with the men and women you want to serve.

The Perfect Livelihood Incubator is an interactive course with a workbook that has 10 no-fail steps.

Steps 1-5




Your Gifts, Talents, & Skills

Gifts, Talents & Skills You Need to Attract

Steps 6-10

Daily Action Step

Financial Plan

Talk to Your Perfect Customers

Build a Prototype

Sell Your Prototype

Pivot, Adapt, Keep Going

Now that you’ve sold a few, revisit steps 6-10. Keep going. It is a myth that an entrepreneur gets it right the first time. This is a messy and hopefully fun process of inventing your creation.

Just Get Started

Once you commit to shifting your livelihood to right work, you will have the power, wisdom, and creativity of God working through you.

We created The Perfect Livelihood Incubator to make getting started easy and fun. When you start with the inner work of creativity, your path becomes clear and the action steps flow effortlessly.

When you undertake it without fear or self-doubt, it becomes fun. When you focus on giving to the world rather than boosting your ego, you stay inspired and focused.

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